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About Madre Santa

Madre Santa” is the latest project of a personal calling to protect the value of Mexican gastronomy while sharing it with our foreign friends. We were born and raised in a culture that orbits around ceremonial rituals and the value of tradition. Ironically, it is a very open culture that continuously welcomes external influences, embracing them as family. Love is at the core of Mexican food. No matter how technically perfect a dish could be, the best recipe is our mother’s or our grandmother’s. We celebrate our most important affections with intricate and sophisticated dishes, and the best “apapacho” (big cuddle) is meant to be eaten.

Mexicans have conquered thousands of hearts through their culinary arts –how many happy relationships might have found their salvation in the kitchen! Unfortunately, as tends to happen with all the most valuable gems in the world, there is always a black market arising, creating forgeries and bad imitations. Mexican cuisine, as noble as it is and as open as it has always been to foreign arms, has been seriously misunderstood. Its approachability has often been misinterpreted as a justification to profane its quality and complexity. We are just one of many projects around the world that dare to rescue the value of Mexican gastronomy, which is not about being chauvinistic nor pretentious. On the contrary, faithful to our national and cultural values, our cuisine should convey its graciousness and kind-heartedness without renouncing to its high-standards. Our hearts are open and informal but not ordinary. At “Madre Santa” we aim for nothing less. Our food nourishes your body but embraces your soul. Dishes full of colour, craftsmanship, love and the best remembrances of Mexico; ready to land on your table.

At Madre Santa we proudly serve our family’s traditional food with a special ingredient: our happiest Mexican memories.

Buen provecho…

Our Menu

Enjoy the selection of dishes we chose especially thinking of you




(2 flour or corn grilled tortillas)
Filled with melted cheese, topped with sour cream.

-Natural (only cheese) (V) €5,00
-Homemade crumbled chorizo (Pork) €5,50
-Champiñones “Al Guajillo” (V) €5,75


Mushrooms with garlic, onion, corn and rings of Guajillo pepper served with 2 corn or flour tortillas.


Fresh avocado, chopped onion, tomato, chile verde and coriander, served with daily fresh prepared Totopos (home made corn tortilla chips).


Fried flour tortillas (2 pc.), folded and filled with Tinga (pulled chicken in soft spicy tomato with chipotle sauce), served with lettuce, crema; crumbled white cheese and salsa.


• CHISTORRA (Pork) €6,50
Grilled thin Spanish sausage served with 2 tortillas (corn or flour) and salsa.


• BOTANA (2 PERSONS) €15,50 (V)
Guacamole with Totopos + 2 Quesadillas (corn or flour tortillas) + mushrooms al Guajillo with 2 flour tortillas.




Totopos covered with your salsa choice , topped with crema and crumbled white cheese, sided with black beans.

Choice of Salsas:

Salsa roja/ Salsa verde / Salsa de Mole (light spicy chocolate sauce)

Choice of extra toppings:
+ €1,50 Shredder poached chicken
+ €1,50 Crumbled eggs (2)


• SOPES €16,50 (3)

Small fried thick corn tortillas with pinched edges, topped with refried black beans, lettuce, crumbled cheese and salsa.
Choice of filling;
– Nopales (cactus) (V)
– Tinga (pulled chicken in light spicy tomato and chipotle sauce)



• TLAYUDA €16,50

(1 baked 23 cms ø corn tortilla)
The most known streetfood from the State of Oaxaca, prepared with lard  (asiento), black beans, melted cheese and crumble chorizo, topped with tomato slices and Salsa Pasilla.

– Tasajo €3,50 (thin slices of beef marinated in citrus juice)

• Vegetarian option:
• Nopales (cactus) instead of chorizo



• TACOS  € 17,50

(250 grams of your chosen filling,  6 soft corn tortillas of 12 cms ø or 3 fluor tortillas of 16 cms ø )


Dish prepared  with a combination of Nopales (cactus), tomato, onion and green chili peppers.


These famous tacos are the original fusion food, a mix between Middle Eastern Shawarma and the Guajillo – rubbed grilled pork as served by Mexican street vendors. The meat is marinated for 4 hours and served with chopped onions, coriander, pineapple and our special Salsa Taquera.


Our home marinated Arrachera, the most tender meat grilled with a mix of paprikas, sliced onions, sided with lime slices and salsa.


Prepared as in the State of Michoacan, the pork is cooked in a copper pot for longer than 4 hours served with chopped coriander and onion + Salsa Taquera.


Slow – Cooked pork marinated in citrus and Mexican Achiote, wrapped in banana leaf. This recipe from Merida (Yucatan) is topped with red onions and Habanero slices.


One of the most famous seafood dishes of the State of Veracruz on the Mexican Gulf, a mix of Cod fish with ingredients like green olives, capers, paprika and seasonings like sea salt pepper, parsley and oregano. Showing ancient Spanish influences with aside pickled Jalapeños as mexican touch.


Recipe from the State of Campeche, shrimps marinated in Achiote and citrics mix, served with coriander leaves, red onion and Habanero peppers.




(4 rolled corn tortillas filled with shreded poached chicken)

sided with black beans (frijoles).


Covered with Salsa Verde (tomatilllo), topped with crema and melted cheese.


Covered with tasty Salsa de Tomate, topped with crema and crumble white cheese.


Covered with our famous Salsa de Mole (spicy chocolate sauce), topped with chopped onions and crumble white cheese.



TORTAS € 7,25

Sandwiches/broodjes prepared with rustic bread (bolillo) filled with your favorite option:

• Costeña (Bacalao):
Cod fish a la Veracruzana (olives, capers, roasted paprika and Jalapeños).

• De la Abuela:
Black beans, scrambled eggs with chorizo and salsa roja.

• Panteonera:
Mayo, Carnitas (pulled pork), crumbled Chorizo, avocado, lettuce, sliced tomato and pickled Jalapeño.

• Al Pastor:
Pastor meat (pork), chopped onions, coriander, pineapple and salsa de Chile de Arbol.

• Chilanga:
Black beans, chilaquiles rojos, crema and crumble white cheese.




Carlota de Limon

Cold lemon cream biscuit cake.



Baked vanilla custard dessert topped with caramel.

We are ready to fulfill your cravings!

Find us now in Thuisbezorgd and UberEATS in Den Haag

or order directly (take away) at our Taquería

Theresiastraat 139A
Den Haag

Contact Us

Madre Santa

Address: Theresiastraat 139A
Den Haag
KVK: 74728296
BTW Nr.: NL002446802B86
We are open from:
Wednesday to Sunday
16:00-21:00 hrs.

    On the press

    Ana Luisa García has dabbled in the traditional Mexican Cuisine since years ago, collaborating  in private catering projects for official Mexican festivities as well as the design, creation and operation of a Mexican restaurant in Amsterdam old south, which hosted relevant events such as  the press conference for the presentation of Coco (A Disney film based on the Mexican tradition of Dia de los muertos), the reception on the occasion of the 1st.  Anniversary of the flight Mexico City-Amsterdam operated by AeroMexico.

    Another  important collaboration was at the “Rollende keuken Food festival” where she could share with the visitors the ancient Mexican way of cooking traditional hand made corn tortillas.

    Througout the years, the written and online press, as well as television, have recorded  the authentic Mexican flavor of her creations.

    You can read in this selection of articles some of the reviews she received during that period as head chef.

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